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Tacoma and Pierce County Focused is an online marketplace where businesses can set up their stores and engage in the growing trend of online shopping.  It’s easy and free to set up an onlineshop. Try it out at no risk. Businesses pay nothing until something sells.


A 10% fee is deducted from each transaction, which is less expensive than, Etsy and other similar shopping platforms. Businesses who don’t allow customers to shop with them online are losing huge marketshare that grows every year. Even the businesses that have a shopping cart on their website exist as an island unto themselves.


They have to invest heavily in their own marketing campaign to find any success at all. The power of is our leveraged marketing campaign with local media, and customers can search for specific products or services. Purchases can be made from multiple businesses in one transaction.


Funds are paid directly to the businesses via Paypal. Our goal is to get as many products and services on there as possible so that when people visit the site and search for gifts to buy this season they find what they are looking for.


There are approximately 80+ businesses on the platform now. Interested businesses can get their products on by simply going to the website and clicking on “Sell with Us.”  

Reach out to Angela Jossy, for more information


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