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Our Mission

Creating new jobs in WA through digital commerce.

Ignite Washington brings together business, tech, and civic leaders to design, collaborate, and invest in a digital transformation for local brands and businesses in Washington. Our mission is to infuse money into the local economy through digital commerce.


If you were to ask a local citizen “How much of what you spend online is local?”  

They often say “Zero”. 


Over 56% of US adults shop online and e-commerce grows by $25 billion year after year, yet 65% of local businesses have limited digital advertising or strategy, business analytics, or even a way to accept payments online. That's a big piece of the pie that our local businesses are missing out on! Add to that, XP is the third most used operating system in the US, making it hard for local businesses to adopt business tech solutions that would allow them to access targeted markets and new customers. 


Ignite WA initiative helps level the playing field for local brands and businesses, allowing them to access the same technology solutions and digital advertising for targeted markets as global brands. By technologically empowering local brands and businesses, we directly affect their bottom line and create new jobs in our local economy.


You might ask, why reach out to the community? Why not just go directly to the businesses?


This is a multi-faceted problem that requires a multi-faceted approach. And businesses don’t exist in a vacuum. That’s why Ignite consortium to develop a blueprint for small businessnes to become digital. The mission will help us educate business owners through workshops and trainings and get them up to speed on new technology and create turn key solutions for digital marketing and advertising. We are working with chambers of commerce and civic leaders to create community awareness and support. 


It will take each and every one of us working together to create an ecosystem of support and growth for new jobs in Washington through digital commerce. 


As a recognized a business champion, being a part of this initiative will enable you to:

  • Gain access to new business ideas and resources

  • Provide a turn-key digital solution for local brands and businesses

  • Build relationships with other like minded, high caliber leaders


We look forward to working with you!


The Ignite Washington Team 

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