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WHAT is Ignite Washington


#IgniteWA : A city by city digital equity and readiness initiative for small businesses. Our mission is to help small businesses to increase their digital equity so they have access local and global customers using digital tools! In addition to small businesses in WA state, we also focus on women, veteran and minority/ethnic owned businesses. 

Our aspiration is to infuse $100Million into local economy in the next 3-5years.  Our digital solutions will focus on providing small businesses to access talent, technology, market and funding. Our efforts will focus on manufacturing , exports and digital access to local/global customers. To fund this program, visit


Ignite Washington is led by a consortium among local businesses, enterprises, media, government and local citizens to focuses on developing policies, readiness and access to  relevant resources at a local level. Together, we focus on empowering our local brands and businesses to thrive in today’s digital economy 

Download our executive summary to learn more!

SMB Cloud Summit - April18, 2017

Your Business, Cloud Ready in 100 Days.

A one day immersive experience designed to help you build not just the knowledge but a roadmap to becoming a cloud ready business. We are providing a proven model that will deliver results for you in terms of growth and help your customers transform their businesses.

This trusted methodology has been adopted by the Microsoft Partner Community and endorsed by leading Tech Companies, along with the Economic Development Commission of King County and Seattle and City of Bellevue.

This summit is focused on supporting Independent Software Vendor, Resellers, Managed Services Provider, Starters and System Integrator partners to build and grow cloud practices.

Join us to learn how to become cloud competent partners with leading Cloud Technologies companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google and others.

We have invited cloud experts who not only understand the cloud but have built their businesses on it. They will share knowledge, expertise and open the door for partnerships accelerate your cloud business.


Event Highlights  

Learn more about the Ignite Washington event highlights that are shaping the future of Washington using digital technologies.

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