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3-OCT-2014 : FREE MAM Webinar: 3 ways to Double Your Traffic and Sales



The Made in America Movement has collaborated with Meylah and Microsoft Office 365 to bring you an e-Commerce solution leveraging our market reach!  We have organically developed a very large dedicated following of consumers looking for American made products and services.  We can help them find these products and services, while helping your bottom line. 


No longer will consumers waste time, and money, driving from store to store in search of the coveted “Made in USA” label.  The MAM MarketPlace will quickly become America’s one stop shop for American made products and services.  Here is YOUR chance to be a part of it!


This webinar is designed to share 3 solid ways you can double your traffic and sales this holiday season. We will discuss:


1. MAM Marketplace - How to participate in MAM Marketplace

2. MAM Promotional Giveaways - How to participate in MAM/Meylah/Sideqik Promotional Giveaways

3. MAM Social Media/Email Campaigns - How to participate in social media campaigns


Webinar Details:

  • Date : Oct3rd, 2014

  • Time : 9am PST/12pm EST

  • Location : Online Webinar (register now)

Register today and secure your spot.  If you cannot join, no worries!  We will send you the recorded webinar via email.


While you are here, open your Meylah store and get ready to participate in MAM Marketplace this holiday season.

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