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We are excited to bring #WAFANGEAR business pitch competitionn as part of honoring small business ecosystem that supports the sport fan community in Washington. #WAFangear Business Pitch Contest is a cross-industry competition to discover innovative products and services that help impact and empower the lives of WA sports fan base.  


Why Support?


  • Innovation Platform : The lovefest between the WA sports and their die-hard sports fans  means big bucks for the local economy — especially during home playoff games. WA Fangear Business Challenge provides an innovation platform for anyone to create innovative products and services to feed the needs of sports fan base.

  • State Level Exposure : The WA sports Fangear Challenge is a State prize competition through local business competitions that culminate in a live pitch Final Round. During the Finals, up to 10 Finalists will compete for the top cash prizes totaling $5,000.

  • Increase digital market access to WA small businesses & startups producing the product and services



As part of the competition, you'll learn how to package your business idea so that companies want to license it, support it, and practice pitching your business idea to real angel investors.  


As part of the preparation, participants can attend business pitch training where you'll learn how to evaluate your business model,  how to pitch your business to companies & angel investors. You'll have a practice run with mature entrepreneurs, corporations and you'll be able to get feedback and perfect your pitch.  


Key Activities:

  1. #WAFANGEAR Kickoff - March 25th

  2. Registrations Open on March 25th

  3. Pitch Clinics : Dates Coming Soon! Location : Bellevue- Microsoft Store, Seattle - Pyramid Office Location

  4. Event Registration Opens - May 2016

  5. Day of the event - Jun 2016

    • Sports Gear Product Expo

    • Business Pitch Competition

    • Awards Ceremony





  1. Information Flyer

  2. Pitch Competition Rules

  3. We Are Seattle Marketplace

  4. FAQ





1. SBA Business Plan Template : Fill-in-the blanks, online, savable template


2. SBA How to Write a Business Plan : Narrative outline with questions and considerations


3. SBA Business Smart Toolkit: A three-part “Ready, Set, Go” educational module for instructors


4. SCORE Business Plan Templates : For different stages of business (startup, existing, financial forecast, etc.)




For sponsorships and mentorship information, please contact Chai at 510-579-4945 or


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